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0 ratings Origin Story Zine is the introduction to my longer webcomic Comics and the Fourth Dimension. In this comic, you'll see my relationship with the concept of time evolve over my childhood and adolescence, starting with my early obsession with Legend of Zelda, to my teenage experimentations with drugs, and some mind-bending dreams that I've had that inspired the articulation of my own personal philosophy of time. Consider this accordion comic to not only be a teaser for my website, but as a micro-block universe in and of itself. Made in part for my thesis for the MAVCS program at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Make sure to read the rest of my thesis at ! You can buy a physical copy at as well.

Physical Copy:
-Originally risograph printed, scored, and hand-folded by yours truly
-8.5"x33", accordion-folded
-individually bagged with hand-cut stickers both inside and applied to cello bag "cover"

Digital Copy:
-Contains 12-page mini in PDF form
-In single pages at web resolution for fast download speed & online readability

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